FWQ Blocks 1, 2 and 3

So far, I have almost 30 blocks sewn for my Farmers Wife Quilt, but not all of those are getting used.

Block 1 - Attic Windows

Block 1 – Attic Windows

This is actually the second attempt at this block. When I first started the quilt, I just started with Block #1 and planned I would do all the blocks in order. Well… the first block is actually more difficult than I thought just by looking at it. The top left and bottom right points of the center square are really tricky. Generally, I like how this turned out, I just wish I had a little more contrast between the two lighter colors.

Block 2 - Autumn Tints

Block 2 – Autumn Tints

The autumn tints block is one of the easiest blocks in the entire quilt. No diagonal cutting or sewing, and only two different shapes to cut out and piece.


Block 3 – Basket

So this is one of the more “country” blocks I was trying to avoid. The actual pattern looks like this. I thought if I left the basket handle out of the block it would help. BUT, when I put all the blocks together, I really don’t like how this block fits in with the others. It isn’t going to be a part of the final quilt.

So there you go! First three blocks of many, many to come.


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