I am planning on there being two major parts to this blog: the reading part and the crafting part. When I am not working, wedding planning or studying for my future licensing exam, this is probably what you can find me doing.


I have been an avid reader as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I used to stay up late and read either hiding in the bathroom after my parents went to bed, or under the covers with my nightlight. In those days, it was mainly The Babysitters Club series. I like to think my tastes have evolved a little bit since then… But I do read a lot of young adult books (primarily dystopia) so maybe it hasn’t evolved as much as one might think.

I live in the Chicago suburbs and commute into the city. I have about 90 minutes on the train every day to read!!! Absolutely love it! I read through my lunch break occasionally also. I go through books pretty fast, and am always on the lookout for something new and good. I own a kindle. And think it is the best thing ever. I cannot tell you how many boxes of books I have in my closet. I just don’t have enough room for all the books!

Crafting (mainly sewing)

My sewing obsession started much later in life. I was living in an old apartment in the Boston suburbs with very little insulation in the walls, and the windows were single pane and not thermally efficient at all. I decided that get insulated curtains would be a GREAT IDEA. Until I saw the price… And decided it would be much cheaper to just make them myself. So I bought a (cheap) sewing machine. And then tried to buy fabric. And was amazed by how expensive it was. And how much fabric you need for curtains. Seriously, wow. I ended up making the curtains and spending far more money than I probably would have if I had just bought them. There were several mistakes and when I moved out, I left the curtains there.

That was the start. Since then, I have taken a few sewing classes. Made a few clothing items, and gotten absolutely hooked on quilting. I honestly don’t even know how that started. And I am pretty sure my fiance is embarrassed of my “old lady habit”. But really, it is just playing with geometry with pretty fabric. Does that make it less old lady? Probably. But also more nerdy. Did I mention I am an engineer?


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